The Gibbonses Bring you PEACE OF MIND!

Steady kick drum – 4 on the floor.



Gently finger-picked, perfect guitar riff. 



Pitch perfect vocals singing the words of a lyric that are more than just words…. they are a story.



This is the Gibbonses.  Alt-Country/Americana.  They believe in something.  The power of story; the power of music.  



I challenge you to listen to this song and not be motivated to do something good for others in your day.  I truly believe this song is telling us to go and do something, not just believe in it.  And when the strings come in and you get goosebumps, you can thank The Gibbonses for their amazing sonic expertise.  This track is perfectly drafted.



Listen to this song and mediate on its wisdom. I promise, you will be better for it.

This band has their heart in the right place. Please scope their full catalogue. They are such wise and intelligent songwriters.


Sidenote:  Again – when the strings come in … … … Goosebumps!


Enjoy this track!




Much love, 


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