DJ Claim’s WATERMELON BOY “cuts” deep! (song review)

DJ Claim, from France, is one of the most artistic scratch DJ’s I’ve ever listened to.  It’s one thing as a turntablist to scratch clean and fast… it’s another thing to have a unique style and a creative artistic eye. Claim has both of these.  He is absolutely insane on the wax!

For 4 years, I studied the art of scratching records and I could never come close to Claim.  To me he is literally the Miles Davis of scratch.  He uses space; Miles used space.  He creates rhythmic/melodic motifs; Miles did this too.

Scope this incredibly artistic track, “Watermelon Boy”, where claim highlights Herbie Hancock’s vocals from an interview in such a groovy way.

Even if you haven’t listened to, or don’t enjoy listening to music created by turntablists, I am sure you will enjoy this track.

From USA to France – amazing work DJ Claim!

You can listen to DJ Claim’s song,”Watermelon Boy”, on my playlist DOPE TRACKS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE on Spotify.  (Don’t forget to click that follow button! So many more amazing tracks from around the globe will be added and review soon!)

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