Kai Nanfelt’s Honesty on Negative Thoughts in His Song, “HEAD RUSH” (song review)

“I keep on making problems up in my head…. it ain’t no wonder why I can’t get out of bed…”    – Kai Nanfelt


Kai Nanfelt really feels it.  His lyrical choices are brilliant.  The combination of a fantastic sense of melody and a strong foundational knowledge of lyric writing makes him a powerful songwriter.


If you’re like me, you listen to this song and keep saying “yes, that’s me!” over and over.  The empathy in this track is one of it’s strongest assets to making listeners want to listen again.  Kai speaks truth in such an honest, humble way along to a gently grooving instrumental.


Simple and pure, accompanied by a great chord progression and well-polished final track, Kai wins me over with his song, “Head Rush”.  I can’t wait to hear what he releases next.



Stay tuned for more from this amazing artist from Rhode Island.  Big things are coming for this songwriter!



Much Love, 


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