The Next’s Big Project EP Announcement

  “The Next” is coming in with a bang!

 Close friends and musicians, Adam Hagymasi and Steve Caley, are currently working on an EP to be released in 2022 entitled, “The Unreliable Fidelity of Echos”. The  first track, entitled Thief literally welcomes the listener into their sonic world with a strong bang!


At the top of the track we are met with thick harmonies and strong rhythmic hits with the simple statement “I’m a thief”. Incredibly captivating from the start!  After the full band hits we are immersed in a sonic world of some delicious lightly strummed electric guitar chords and a grooving back beat.  Lead guitar with strong resemblance to Neil Young and Stephen Stills completes the vibe and keeps the listeners engaged.

I highly recommend this track and I know I am looking forward to the full EP release in 2022.


Thief is currently available for download with a “name your price” tag on the purchase screen on BANDCAMP.  This song has definitely taken these boys some time to write, record, and produce so I would highly encourage you to support them in their creative venture with some coin. 


Much love, 


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