Everything But The Everything Hits Us With a Fiery Track!

From the intro drums, this song has major energy!  I could probably listen to that drum riff over and over and just feel pumped up!  However, then, the pulsing, melodic bass line and righteous guitar comes in to make this track catch even more flames!



Vocalist, on her surfboard, riding the tumultuous waves carves a beautiful melody and lyric line that carries us as listeners to the hook, “Blue Sun”.  



The energy in this track is so huge, I can guarantee this band cooks on stage in a live performance.  



“To you, everything is black or White…it’s true.  If it’s nothing than it can’t be right.” 

                – Everything but the Everything, Olivia Barchard


GarageRock has moved up a huge notch with Everything But The Everything.  The bar has been moved!  Gritty grunginess, beautiful lyrical surfing, and super energy.  This is a band to follow!



Everything but Everthing’s music can be heard on your favorite music streaming service as well as on my Spotify playlist  DOPE TRACKS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE.


Enjoy listening!


Much Love,


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