Luna & The Lost Souls Bring The Funk To Some BRILLIANTLY Written Lyrics!

What the funk?!

This track is insane!  From the pocket-tight groove, to the singing, to the clean, rhythmic flow of the rap and the instrumental solos.



“Somewhere in America” is pure fire and definitely going to be in my regular  listening diet!


I listened to this track on some fantastic speakers in my studio, but I’m dying to hear this played incredibly loud in a club… or better yet…. I want to hear this band jam this track live! 


Besides the powerful funk, Luna & The Lost Souls are giving some serious wisdom to us.  Lyrics that we can resonate with and reflect upon our own lives.

If that quote doesn’t make you start thinking about your past, possibly mistakes or mishaps, I don’t know what will!  What I get from that lyric is that we all want to move on and try to forget things that have happened in the past, but, we should also take a moment and reflect on how it has shaped who we are today.  To me, that quote can be broken down to a simple equation.


Life = learning through reflection.



I personally want to thank Luna & the Lost Souls and Klokwize for bringing me into that reflective mode today with this track, and I am super stoked to include this banger in my playlist. DOPE TRACKS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE.



Much Love, 


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