Love, Lies and Fiction Brings a Huge Sound with the track “The Sun Lights Up the Moon”!

“The Sun Lights Up the Moon”  brings huge sonic energy!  The beautifully layered mosaic of sound that washes over you in the first 10-15 seconds is epic!  And that’s just the start!  


There are so many fine details to the arrangement/production that even after listening a dozen times you will always pick up on a new music motif or texture.  Most productions with this many layers would run into some problems with sound quality (to get a bit nerdy here – too many sounds competing for EQ space) – but this track is super polished and each sonic element has been caved out precisely.  A sign of amazing songwriting, arranging and pre/post-production work!

One unique thing I see with this artist, Love, Lies & Fiction, is how many different styles of music are infused into their tracks.  (I highly recommend taking a listening journey through their back catalogue – every track is so ingeniously designed and with a fresh, new pop sensibility).


In, “The Sun Lights Up the Moon” listeners can experience the vibes from Hard Rock, 80’s synths, and a a touch of pop indie rock. Then, when the vocals come in, and a new style enters the scene from the vocalist’s performance, a touch country…but more Americana. However, underneath this new Alt-country/Americana vibe we have drum layers very similar to what might be heard in a modern trap song or a house track, along with effects (delays and reverb) on the vocals that are used often in Pop/Dance songs. And it works…amazingly well!



The Yin and Yang of the Americana and modern pop dance works so well for this track – Much like the complicated nuclear fusion that happens in and on the sun to create energy!

I highly recommend adding this track, “The Sun Lights the Moon”, to your playlist.  Share with family & friends!  It is evident that this band works hard on their songs and deserves to be enjoyed and recognized by everyone!



Much Love,


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