My Baby Delivers Us a Mesmerizing Pulsing Track, “A Dream I Dream”

Instrumental entrance:  Steady. Pulse. Tension.  Mystery. Excitement.


“It’s alright now / you don’t really know me / cause I’m just dreaming…”


A wonderful start to this powerful song. Righteously mysterious and captivating.


The mystery continues when the vocal line is cut off at 0:35… “a dream I dream of…” only to be later completed with a beautiful elision of lyrics.


Elision example at 1:34 – “a dream I dream of… … … you don’t know me…”  In this example, the word “you” can be used to close the last lyric line, but also begin the next lyric line.  Brilliant!


In terms of texture/Arrangement/Form, “A Dream I Dream” is a beautiful example of a timelapse of a flower blooming in sound form.  As the song progresses, more sonic elements are added which not only keeps the listener interested and engaged, but also curious as to what is going to come next.  And… you will want to listen more because this song opens up in such an epic way!


I highly recommend this exquisitely written and produced song. Fantastic work from the group, My Baby.  Add it to your playlists and share with family and friends (especially those who love incredibly well-written compositions!)


Much Love, 


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