The Lunar Keys say, STOP THIS! With EPIC Energy!

Righteous 90’s grunge intro with that tasty U2/Edge guitar delay.  Engine is fueled…. the drums come in –  a 4-on-the-floor urgent drum groove.  The stage is set!  There’s tension, you can hear and feel it when listening.  Lyrics enter, totally on vibe with the instrumental:

“The situation’s crazy Now you want to let me out
Like you wanna save me like you wanna work it out
You can only feel what you feel when you talk about
All The pain escaping All the fears All the doubts.”

Then the chorus BANGS!… … … And you just want to be in your car going 70 miles an hour with the windows down, cruising while getting your therapy from The Lunar Keys.  And…


The best part hasn’t even come yet.


The guitar solo!


The guitar solo is so epic – immediate goosebumps!  Play it at full volume!  I would love to see this song performed at a live show.  The energy is so huge, the lyrics are so universal and meaningful, the guitar solo is so righteous!  It’s a hat-trick in 3 minutes and 18 seconds.


I’ll say it again – THIS TRACK BANGS!  Congrats to The Lunar Keys for writing and producing such a banger!  You’ve won me over for sure!  Pure epicness – keep giving us more!


Much Love, 


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