Mattias Lies meets THE GREAT DIVIDE and Shares Wisdom in His New Song

Swedish singer-songwriter, Mattias Lies, shares his poetic wisdom in his new song, “The Great Divide“.


The song starts sensitively with few layers highlighting the emotion of the voice.  Mattias presents the theme of the song, that we have grief in our life, but we have to wake up, and meet “The Great Divide”.


The song’s texture opens up with the chorus with more instrumental layers added and a wonderfully crafted catchy synth/key melody.  


As the song evolves, Mattias continues to give us wisdom about how we can reflect in our lives “so, let’s keep it real, and try to feel, the inner spinning wheel.”


I am grateful for hearing this song.  The music alone is very well done and enjoyable to listen to, but this song has more – it has wonderful lyrics.


I encourage you to check out Mattias Lies on your favorite streaming platform.


Currently, as I am writing this review I am listening to his other songs as well and they are fantastic!  (“Enplats på jorden“, released in 2018, has a rad harmonica part!)


Much Love, 


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