Mia Mormino Tells a Wonderful Story in Song with STICK UP

Jazz vibes? Check.

    Trap vibes?  Check.  

        Good lyrics? Check.

            Compelling story? Check.  

                Fantastic vocals?  Check!

                    This song is literally BALLER.


BALL-ER – (informal adjective) Exceptionally good or impressive; brilliant.


What the heck did I just listen to?!  It was absolutely amazing!  One listen wasn’t enough.  The first listen was just letting the song wash over me, the stylistic blends and emotional tone.  Second listen, lyrical content became my focus.  Third listen, the story becomes clearer.  Not gonna lie, I have listened to “Stick Up” more than 10 times in the past hour, and EVERY time, I hear new elements that bring a smile to my face and goosebumps to my arms.


Vocals?  um…. just listen – AMAZING!


Arrangement? Constantly changing with new layers introduced and superb transitional elements.


Vibe & Style?  Super unique!  Jazz, trap, pop.  All righteously mixed with a super sultry vibe.  Yes, yes, yes!  Mia Mormino brings us a superb track!  It’s already only my personal playlist and I’ve already followed on multiple social media formats to stay connected to new releases.  


This is an artist you will want to stay connected with.  Just amazing song writing and production and musicality all-around.  Mia Mormino, this song is a banger!  5-star review from Zerp!


I highly recommend this song  to everyone’s playlist.  Add it and share it!  Woot!  So amazing!


Much Love, 


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