Gigantic Hand Questions Societal Changes in Their New Song SEXY TIME

Gigantic Hand opens their song with a righteous intro filled with crunchy guitar, synth and a pulsing kick drum and Tom pattern.  The bass guitar line, a steady and urgent eighth note pattern, locks in the emotion.  As the song develops, it begins to open up with, loosely open hi hats, more transitional drum fills and more synth layers.  This is just in the first minute (or so), after this, the song explodes with some righteous texture changes and guitar solo. The whole track just develops beautifully!


After we are hooked in with the intro, the poetically written lyrics add to the mystique of the track.  At times the lyrics seem obvious, but at other times, they are metaphors for the world we live in.  This song is a catalyst for extrinsic reflection… and by that I mean, we aren’t looking inward and reflecting on our own life and our own choices… we are reflecting on what is around us in the world and where we are moving together as a society.


I don’t claim to know the meaning of the lyrics and don’t want to ruin other people’s personal identification with the lyrics, but I will highlight a few for you to think about.

I encourage you to take a moment to think about what these lyrics mean to you.  I have reflected on them myself and I think they are quite brilliant.


As a whole, this track inspires.  The instrumental is just epic and makes me feel energized.  The lyrics are deep and make me think.


Collectively, the instrumental and the lyrics together make art.  Real art.  Not pop, cookie-cutter junk playing on major radio stations that are created just to make money.  (REAL art inspires people to think and to analyze.)  This song does that for me.


I highly recommend this song, “Sexy Time” by Gigantic Hand for your own personal playlists and encourage you to explore what the lyrics mean to you.  So, slap on some headphones, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your bedroom door and dig in!


Much love, 


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