Ben Dalby Makes Us All Smile with His Song “Two Birds”

Ben Dalby gives us such a fun, light, upbeat track!  Super catchy and enjoyable to listen to!


When he sings, “I will fly to you” it just makes me smile!


I accept!  Fly here to do a live house concert, my man!  Your music is so cool!


Many times, with unique tracks like “Two Birds” I find that the instrumental can be quite simple, but that is not the case with this song.  There are so many intricate layers and texture changes.  The song form is clear and easy to follow and all the sonic layers fit together perfectly.  Guitars, synths, strings, trumpets, beeps and boops, a fun bass line, and a quirky/glitchy drum groove – this track is just such a breath of fresh air to listen to.  And, I know I’ve said it already… but it’s just fun to listen to!


Ben Dalby has composed and produced such a dope track – I highly recommend this as an addition to your playlists and to share with family and friends!  Now excuse me while I end this review so I can slap on some headphones and listen to Ben Dalby some more!


Side note:  Definitely give his new song “Tin Man” a listen too – such a good vibe (and again….FUN!)


Much love, 


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