The Infinite Daisy Chains Give Us a Euphoric Dream-Pop Song with “Paper Tiger”

The Infinite Daisy Chains give us a euphoric, dream-pop song with “Paper Tiger“.


The plucky synth arpeggio alone is so compelling and mesmerizing.  With headphones on I just feel like I’m suspended in outer space – so free.  Just so epic, my people – so epic!


The guitar, bass guitar and steady drum groove help me move further into “deep space” (a meditative vibe) as the beautifully performed vocals wash over me. I’m captivated… I don’t want the vibe to stop.  It is just so well composed and produced!


Besides the synth and groove, it’s  the harmonic elements, in my opinion, that make this song so captivating and unique and “open”.  It’s just so unique that I had to dig deeper… I had to find out what the main chord progression was, and why it was so compelling.


Unfortunately, I came up with no solid answers.  All I can tell you is that I found the key center (Root note “B”) but that quickly modulated to B Phyrgian and then to F# mixolydian.  I then tried to improvise over the chord progression with a B natural minor and a B harmonic miner scale, only to come to the conclusion that this song’s chord progression is more open than that.  Most of the notes definitely fit, but not always.  Let it be known – The Infinite Daisy Chains have composed a wonderfully interesting chord progression! I’m not going to get into more serious music theory here, but they are definitely using borrowed chords and doing it so well!  So good!  So, so good!


Righteous work by The Infinite Daisy Chains! I am NOT done trying to crack the harmonic code!  Thank you for the vibe, and for the inspiration to make a song as brilliant as yours!


Much love,


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