An Interview with Welsh/Australian Singer-Songwriter, Feralman

Welsh/Australian Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts.
Drawing influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world, Feralman regularly documents in one form or another, whether that’s painting, poetry, stories or in the form of song.  
With comparisons to Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey and Bears Den, Feralman tells stories by crafting musical landscapes from personal experiences.

Gentle.  Relaxing.  Meditative. Thoughtful.  Cinematic. Powerful. 

Feralman tells wonderful stories in his beautifully composed and produced songs.


Zerp: What made you want to become a musician?


Feralman: It was never my intention to build up a catalogue of songs for release, I’ve always just written songs for myself to sing. I became much more prolific after my youngest daughter was born and I’d sing lullabies to her while she slept. It was only when people started hearing them and asking for more that I started to record and release them.


Z: What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?


 F: It’s probably more the other way around…music is essentially a channel for me to let creativity and passion, sentiment and emotion, tension etc. out. I also paint and write and these are also good vehicles for expression.


Z: Can you tell us about your musical influences? Which musicians/artists do you listen to (now and in the past) that have inspired you in your own musical journey?


F: I think my sound is primarily influenced by Pink Floyd (Roger Waters especially), Neil Young, Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Xavier Rudd, with a bit of Hans Zimmer or Ramin Diwadi thrown in and then sprinkled with a bit of 90’s indie!


Dire Straits is one of my favourite bands, Knopfler is a genius guitar player. I also really like Sigur Ros. I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music actually but the genre I listen to most today is indie folk. I really like Nick Mulvey, Bears Den and Ben Howard. I also listen to a lot of music from up and coming indie artists, there is a really strong community that help support each other. Four in particular that spring to mind are, Charlie Risso who has a sort of Cranberries meets Bond vibe thrown together in a moody electro rock style, love it. Loops & Loops who makes really cool 90’s influenced shoegazey type lofi indie, again really cool. John Michie, who makes really great electro indie guitar rock tracks. I listen to his first album quite a lot. and also a guy called Kiffie who makes a sort of conscious electro music and is the most prolific person I’ve ever heard of, I think he wrote 10 full length albums in the last year!


Z: Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

F: Guitar. I have lots of acoustic guitars and keep one in several rooms so there is always one on hand! I have a stunning Taylor 12 fret in Koa which is my pride and joy. I like the accessibility and intimacy of acoustic guitar. Having said that, I also really enjoy playing electric guitar too, especially when recording. I dabble with other instruments e.g. keys, bass, harmonica and a didgeridoo but I am not great at any of those. I quite fancy having a go at the harp.


Z: Did you attend a college or University for studying music? If so, which instrument did you primarily focus on?


F: Nope, I studied art. I just played guitar for fun. 


Z: What inspired you to compose/produce this current album?


F: Well, the first album is all about introspection. This album is all about positive forward thinking and is much more externally focussed. It’s a sort of gee up for whoever needs it. most of the tracks are metaphors for trying to achieve in life, for believing in yourself and feeling good about yourself. I am extremely lucky and have a really positive disposition by nature…I want other people to feel happy too! Mental health is a big issue today and too many people don’t feel good enough about themselves; I suppose what would make me super happy is if some people listened to my songs and felt inspired or better about themselves.


Z: Can you share the list of personnel (musicians that perform on this album?


F: I have worked with some amazing people on the album, almost all virtually as a result of the pandemic. Weirdly, it has been really beneficial for me. I connected with several on a platform called Soundbetter which is a sort of marketplace for musicians to be able to find each other and collaborate. There are so many to mention but special shout outs need to go to: Sefi Carmel who ia a legend and worked with some truly global stars and Film directors. He has helped me with production and mixing my songs. Nashville based Rochelle Feldkamp has lent her vocal to most of the tracks and has a seriously special voice – honoured to have her sing on my songs. Julie Broschard and Laura Edwards have also featured with backing vocals. David Picarro has contributed with some guitar tracks Phill Court plays bass on some of the songs and is also in my live band. And also to my band (Pistol, Russ, Stix, Phill and Anna)

Z: If you were to select one of the songs from this album as most meaningful to you, which one would you choose? Why?

F: I can’t select one, they are all meaningful for me. “Let It Heal You” which was the lead single is kind of special because it has such a cool metaphor – a caged and tethered Dragon that breaks free to realise its true majesty and potential. But they all have similar sentiment. The metaphors are similar. 


Z: What are some interesting facts about this current album that you would like to share with our readers and listeners?


F: it is called “Allegories” which is the term for a collection of metaphors. Each song is told in the form of metaphor with the sentiment mentioned above. Also another fact, all of the artwork featured, including the logo are all my own paintings.


Z: Do you have any current new musical projects in progress? Any upcoming events you are performing in or new songs being recorded?


F: I still have the final 3 songs to be mixed and mastered for this album. Two singles have been released, the next one “Believe” is out at the beginning on January. The album will be out sometime in 2022. We have a couple of small gigs lined up in the spring and then looking to line up a couple of big gigs in the summer. I’d love to do a festival!


Z: Thank you so much for sharing this background information with me and my readers!  I look forward to hearing the final songs when you release them!

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