Miles Waite Gives Us a New Perspective with a Highly Architecturally-Designed IDM Banger!

You want an experience?

You want an aural psychedelic journey?

You want your dendrites to light up in your temporal lobe like a fireworks show finale?

Do you like intellectual dance music, or are you open to experiencing it?

If you answered yes to these questions, Miles Waite is for you!

This track is incredibly meditative.  Subtle synths give birth to a righteous jungle groove and glitchy synth-lead melody.  Vocals phase in and out defining the theme of the track even more: “I’m Still Dreaming”.


In this track, Miles proves himself as a fantastic composer/producer with his use of synths and effects and arrangement. All sonic elements are well-balanced and meticulously placed. Multiple synths weave together a glorious digital tapestry of sound.  This track seriously bangs!

I highly recommend digging into Miles Waite’s catalogue on the streaming service of your choice… As long as you are ready for an epic journey of sound.  If you don’t dig further – “Come Back To Reality (I’mStill Dreaming)” is definitely worth your time to experience!


5 Thumbs up from Zerp! 


Much Love, 


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