Davey Long Shares Comforting Wisdom with his new song, “Flesh & Blood”

Davey Long composed a fantastic alt-rock song filled with vibes of U2 and Pink Floyd in his song “Flesh & Blood”.  The instrumental performance and production is polished and the lyrics compelling.  Davey Long is definitely a musician to keep your eyes (ears) on!

“”Flesh & Blood” develops beautifully.  The song begins with few layers, allowing Davey’s voice to bring us into the emotional space that is “Flesh & Blood“.  The drum groove and bass line, and a static distorted guitar ostinato (light in the mix) enter and solidifies the emotional energy.  As the song continues, new sonic layers are added, and I have to say, they are incredibly well mixed; every sound is meticulously placed in the stereo image of the song.  With so many layers the song could become muddy, but not with this track. Davey, his band, and the sound engineer and producer have done a beautiful job crafting this song!


There is nothing about this song that I do not like.  The lyrics are thoughtful and cause the listener to think deeper and reflect.  There is even comfort in the song’s lyrics, “even the darkest night will pass…”  Every person has experienced moments in their life that they want to get out of, and when I hear these lyrics sung by Davey, it just makes me feel better.


This song is definitely going on my playlist – it is so good on so many levels that I find myself forgetting that I have the track on repeat! I can’t tire of it!


Much Love, 


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