I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Bono’s voice – and that makes me immediately love Somefinn!  It’s insane how close their vocal timbres are – WHAT?! – Somefinn could definitely pull-off covering some U2 songs (who knows, maybe he has – haha).  I digress.

This track is pure fire.  I love everything about it.  The energy, the drum groove, the effected guitars, and, as previously stated, the vocals.  


Contact” develops nicely, with new elements being brought into the mix as the song progresses, always giving us listeners a new “ear perk”. I absolutely love the group singing of the hook near the end of the song and I can envision an audience chanting along to this song at a live show.  What an amazing moment that would be – to be at a live Somefinn show and singing along with thousands and thousands of people to such a catchy and meaningful lyric!


Readers, you must also listen through this band’s back catalogue! Such a refreshing unique sound and there isn’t one track that I do not like!  I will be adding more than one of their songs to my multiple playlists! Also, watching the music video for “Contact” is a must!  Somefinn, you impress me on so many levels!


I highly recommend keeping this band on your radar! Scope their social media links below and follow them for updates of new track releases and live performances.  Somefinn, if you ever come to Connecticut, USA – let me know – I’ll be at that show for sure!


Much Love, 


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