That is a strong vibe I get from this track. The steady pulse of the synths and shaker part illuminate this feeling for me.  Urgency can be thought of as tension or stress the artist wants to convey, “will this fight ever end?” asks the lead singer of FRNDS AS CMPNY.  It’s clear they are surrendering, signaling the urgent desire to move on with their life.  The vocals and lyrics along with the instrumental are brilliantly aligned.


FRNDS AS CMPNY is definitely calling out and releasing emotions with the song “White Flag“, however, what I believe is so powerful about this song’s story and emotional content is that it is relatable by everyone.  We have all had situations that we are in and just want to move on; to surrender and continue our life.  For me, this song is vey empathetic, telling me – “it’s okay to surrender so life can continue with more peace of mind”.  


The instrumental definitely keeps my interest as a listener.  The great pulsing groove with the strong snare hits on beats 2 and 4.  There are harmonic, melodic, texture, and effect variations throughout the 3 minute 27 second song which keeps me engaged; never tiring of the same pattern over and over again. (One of my favorite variation elements comes in at 2:11 after a drop in the song, a phased plucky synth sound – so yummy!)


I highly recommend adding this song to your playlists and sharing with friends and family!  Great work FRNDS AS CMPNY!


Much Love, 


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