Zerp Digs the Style of the Lapels – An Interview

Meet Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam who together form Lapels; a 4-piece band of singer/songwriter/musicians from the East Midlands, whose honest, no-fuss take on indie/pop, is fast becoming likened to a Blur/Oasis-esque evolution of those early days of mid-90s Britpop.  Lyrically depicting everyday mundane ‘stuff’, Lapel’s candid approach to British guitar based pop, resonates with audiences for its relevance and honesty. 

Zerp – Lapels! So happy to be able to interview you today and share information about your music and your music career with the world!


Lapels – Cheers for giving us an interview!


Z – How did you come up with your band name? What does it mean to you and how does it reflect your style and songwriting?


L – The origin of our name is quite cloudy… It came mostly from the sort of clobber Andy and I were wearing at the time when we first started, suit jackets etc. There were a few other things that inspired it I think, but… it was so long ago and the story has been told many times so I’m not even sure myself anymore, but, in any case a name’s just a name, there’s no deep meaning behind it or anything.


Z – What made you each want to become musicians?



For me, there was always music being played around the house so from a young age I was into it. There were always instruments knocking about as well (as my dad plays guitar) so I would often mess about trying to play them and at one point I decided to actually learn how to play and from there, all I wanted to do was be in a band. 


When I was really young I used to see my dad playing guitar and it caught my attention pretty early on, I started learning when I was 8 but I was well into my teenage years when I decided I could do this properly and earn a few quid for playing on stage.


Z – How did the group form? 


L – Andy and I met at Derby college, it took us a few years to click and eventually after we moved to Nottingham, we started playing together as a duo. We then drafted in Will who we were aware of as he also went to Derby college but he was in the year above us so we never really spoke to him. We got Adam from a drum teacher I used to know who recommended him to us and that’s pretty much it.


Z – What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?


L – The energy of live gigs and seeing our songs come to life when we’ve recorded them in the studio.


Z – Can you tell us about your musical influences? Which musicians/artists do you listen to (now and in the past) that have inspired you in your own musical journey?


L – We listen to a lot of different music, but here’s a list of some of our favourite albums: 

Village Green – The Kinks

Up The Bracket – The Libertines 

Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys 

Moseley Shoals – Ocean Colour Scene 


Z – What is your songwriting process like?


L – It differs every time but more often than not, I’ll come up with an idea or Andy will come up with an idea and then we’ll sit and develop it together until we’re happy with it and then we’ll make a rough demo and send it to the other lads and then get in a rehearsal room and bash it out.


Z – Can you tell the readers about your song “Warning Lights“?


L – The inspiration for that song came mostly from things I’ve witnessed over the years in pubs. It’s basically just a social commentary of that from my perspective. Some of the lines also came from things I’ve seen out my old bedroom window like the first verse for example. The song itself was written when I was at my partners parents house for a few days and there’s this old battered guitar there so I just sat with that in a room on my own and got the majority of it done.


Z – What inspired you to compose/produce your most recent song “All Things Come Down To You”?


L – The inspiration behind that song is just wanting to get up and do it really. It’s that simple.


Z – What are some interesting facts about “All Things Come Down To You” that you would like to share with the readers?


Andy had the basic idea for the song so he came round to my house for a couple of days and we just sat in my music room, drank a load of beers and bashed it out. It all came together roughly within that one night and it was one of the most enjoyable songs to write because it seemed to all just come together so easily.


Z – Are there any people you would like to highlight that are not officially in the band that have helped you in your careers far?


L – Yeah, my old man has helped us a lot over the past couple of years and helped me a lot personally with developing as a player, performer and a songwriter. The other lads’ parents have also been a big help logistically with carting equipment round for us etc. We’d also like to mention our producer Michael Smith who has been great to work with in the studio and just an all round top bloke.


Z – What are your interests outside of writing and performing music?


L – We don’t have too many things we do outside of music as we dedicate a lot of time to it but I do enjoy playing 6-a-side football with some of my old mates and Andy also plays occasionally. Other than that we just enjoy nipping down the local pub.


Z – Do you have any new musical projects in progress? Any upcoming events you are performing in or new songs being recorded? What are your plans for the coming months?


L – We’ve got a few more gigs this year coming up which will be worth watching out for and we have our album recorded now which we’re all excited for which should be coming out at some point next year.


Z – Nice! I’m psyched to hear the full album! Thank you for chatting with me today! I love your music and your style and look forward to hearing your upcoming releases!


L – Nice one, cheers!

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