Matthew Liam Nicholson Reflects on Life in His Song, “Dusty Bones”

Warm knowledge.  


Like a soothing cup of tea next to a fireplace when it is cold and wet outside, Matthew Liam Nicholson and his brilliant composition comfort us.


Gently telling us his own story in “Dusty Bones“, Nicholson reminds us of the simplicity and complexities of life through his beautiful poetic lyrics. The instrumental, brilliantly crafted with splashes of panned guitars, pedal steel, flute mellotron and violin, carries his words down a calm stream.


Dusty Bones” is so unique in it’s combination of instrumentation and vocal singing style.  Listening closely you can hear how well-thought out the sonic spectrum is.  Many instruments are panned to the left and right in the soundscape.  (I highly recommend listening in for the rhythmic layer that sounds like tapping on a glass – panned right – I thoroughly enjoy this simple element!)


Matthew Liam Nicholson, this song is a gem!  Fantastic work!  I look forward to meditating to your album “Nine Movements” soon!


Much Love, 



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