An Interview With California-Based Musician, Jesse Grossi

California-based musician, singer and songwriter Jesse Grossi is bringing the sounds of yesteryear to the 21st century. Grossi captivates one with his laidback design and rich vocals. There is a warmth and tenderness to be found in a kaleidoscopic soundscape. The Los Angeles wonder-kid is once again confirming his inner talent, and his willingness to move forward.

Zerp – What made you want to become a musician?

Jesse – I just love music so much, and my pops is also an amazing musician so its in the blood.


Z – What is it about music that makes you feel passionate? 

J – I believe music is a universal language that breaks down all barriers and boarders, I love the idea that one of my songs can help bring joy to someone. Also the feeling of being in that music “zone” is one of the best feelings in the world.


Z – Can you tell us about your musical influences? Which musicians/artists do you listen to (now and in the past) that have inspired you in your own musical journey?

J – My music influences are Sublime, Nirvana, Bob Marley, 311, Rancid and Hank Williams.  I was a kid in the 90s so I had my ska-punk phase, rap phase, and reggae phase.  Now a days I find myself listing to all kinds of classic music like Mozart to the new music of 21 Pilots.  Ultimately I respect and enjoy all forms of music from all over the world. 


Z – Which instrument is your favorite to play and why? 

J – I love the guitar both acoustic and electric, I love the attitude the guitar brings to the music table.  Also my pops was a huge influence because he’s one of the best guitar players I know.


Z – Did you attend a college or University for studying music?

J – No school for music, everything is self taught.


Z – What inspired you to compose/produce this current album?

J – I would say the inspiration for the 3rd solo album Reinvention was the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced in the last few years of my life, and coming to grips with my addictions and my selfish tendencies.  The realization of needing to be a better person is real on this one!


Z – Can you share the list of personnel (musicians) that perform on this album? 

J – For the most part the album is all done by me.  I did have my pops Bruno Grossi play 2 lead guitar solos and I had an Argentine homie named Victor Mic help produce 1 track called “Road Takes Me”.


Z – If you were to select one of the songs from this album as most meaningful to you, which one would you choose? Why?

J – One of the most meaningful songs off this new album would be Day by Day, because that’s how I live my life.


Z – What are some interesting facts about this current album that you would like to share with our readers and listeners?

J – Everything on this album that you hear is real, authentic and just one dude having a hell of a fun time in the studio.


Z – Do you have any current new musical projects in progress? Any upcoming events you are performing in or new songs being recorded?

J – Yes I am already working on album 4.  I’ve also recruited two bandmates, a drummer and a bass player, we will be performing all over the Los Angeles area in 2022! I just want to thank y’all for the support and I appreciate everyones time, Keepin the music alive!


Z – Thank you for sharing all of this information with my readers!  Keep in touch with future projects!


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