Zoë Zohar Brings Us An Emotional Banger With Her Song, “Numb”

Zoë Zohar brings us an emotional banger with her song, “Numb“.


This song has such a righteous instrumental introduction! While being very “open” sounding with the verb-heavy vocal and guitar, it also has a rad half-time feel drum groove. Then, over this ethereal backdrop, a tasty melodic piano riff enters and soon after this we get the beautifully performed vocals; emotional and sultry with some cool doubling effects and reverb. If that wasn’t enough to captivate me as a listener… I hear what she’s singing:


“Hey I know a secret, I don’t know if I should tell you.”


Such a fantastic first vocal line!  Um….yeah…I kinda want to know the secret!  You got me hooked in this song now!


My hat’s off to Zoë Zohar for such a smashing start to her track.  But… it gets better!  The song opens up to the chorus and BANGS!  And the instrumental continues with delicious new sounds added to keep the second verse fresh and unique to our ears.


Besides the epic introduction, my next favorite part is the vocal and bass duet breakdown that develops with harmonies and some other sonic elements which leads into a simple and yummy guitar riff.


Everyone needs to take a listen to this track!  There is so much variation and great transitional elements throughout.  Fantastic work from Zoë Zohar!  I look forward to hearing your next releases!


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