GAZ Delivers Us a Righteous Eclectic Rock Album with Watergazed!

With retro, foot-tapping grooves and powerful guitar riffs, pop-rock band GAZ are the epitome of rock and roll with a signature twist. GAZ released their carefree and playful album ‘Watergazed’ in February 2020, mixed and mastered by renowned engineer George Shilling (The Soup Dragons, James Brown, Mike Oldfield, Blur). Transporting listeners back to a time when The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Chuck Berry stormed the charts, GAZ have dedicated their lives to crafting music that is nostalgic to listeners of all ages.

Discovering GAZ is exactly the reason why I curate songs for my playlists.  This band is the epitome of amazing musicianship and song writing.  The album is pure fire from beginning to end, filled with tasty guitar riffs, horn lines, delicious harmonies and encompasses many different styles of music all with a rock and roll attitude.


In the second song, “Fashionable Hedonism” the funk is REAL!  Pocket playing musicianship, fun upbeat rock/funk groove and some killer piano playing and horn lines.


However, this group cannot just be pigeon-holed to that funk vibe. The next song on the album entitled “Just a Lie”  rocks hard (with huge “The Who” vibes) and reminds us (to paraphrase their lyrics) that we “can be saved by rock and roll”.


The last song on the album, “Dear Marie” is another example of this groups ability to successfully write songs in other styles.  “Dear Marie” is a righteous upbeat country/bluegrass number that is just so fun to listen to.  Filled with cleanly played fiddle lines, flat-picking guitar, and a good ol’ time banjo, you can’t help but smile when listening to this song (while you’re queuing it to be played again).

GAZ is incredible.  Not only can they write good tunes, but they can do it in a way that gives something to everyone.  Give this album a spin and you are sure to find tunes that you want to add to your own playlists.  This is definitely a band to follow on social media and to see live – the energy at their live shows must be epic!


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