New Zealand’s “Lake South” Gives Us Electro-Folk Deliciousness and Wisdom with Their Album, “The Light You Throw”!

Home Alone Music is proud to present “The Light You Throw” – the third album from Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand) based electricUTOPIA songwriter Lake South. The album was written in the midst of Aotearoa’s Level-4 lockdown and recorded at a rented house in Waikawa beach, Marty’s place in Takapau, Avalon Studios (drums), and Lake’s apartment.

Experiencing Lake South is beyond words.

But… here I am using words to describe their music.  Let me first just say – you have to experience it. Listen to the songs.  Every song just fills me with positivity.  I love that there is a central theme of “hope” throughout many of their songs. I literally mediate (mantra) with Lake South’s lyrics.  The wisdom is pure, true, and huge!

One of the songs I’ve been listening to multiple times every day since I’ve been exposed to it, is, New Bourgeoizealand (Lucky).  Even after learning the backstory of this song’s creation, I just need to say…. it is a brilliantly written joyous song about celebrating what we HAVE. That concept is one that we all can step back and reflect on everyday.  We get frustrated by work……bills… do lists…..etc.  But, as implied in the song, many of us need to realize know how lucky we are.  We have life.  We have a gorgeous planet around us.  We just have to take a step back and reflect and meditate on it. Thank you Thank you Thank you Lake South for reminding me of this.


Over the past two weeks I have found that I have been drawn to listen to Lake South.  Not just the recent album, but their back catalogue, and, I have to say….. oh my god – it’s just amazing.  The lyrics, the vibe, the musicality, the production – it’s all 5 stars.  I highly recommend listening to Lake South.  Your life will change for the better, as long as you are open to changing your mindset (if your mindset is on a negative path).


Thank you Lake South for writing such inspiring music!


Much Love, 


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