About Zerp

Music is my life.

I produce new songs for myself (and for others) everyday. One compliment I get from many people is how many different styles I produce in, which is because I love to all genres of music. I’ve released for myself and co-written/produced songs in these styles: Electronic, EDM, House, Folk, Country, Classical, R&B, Hip Hop, Bluegrass and the all-encompassing Pop genre.

I look forward to co-writing/producing with other inspired writers/producers with the same passion for music as mine.

My career goal is to write and produce for other artists, but that starts with me getting my music heard by A&R and publishing agencies who can help me find opportunities to showcase my music to other labels and artists.

I am an ASCAP member and have independently sold over 100 songs in the past 3 years.

I also write and produce music under the band name: Sophic Bloom (indie-grunge style). In Sophic Bloom I write and perform close to 100% of the music myself. Check it out on Spotify.

– Zerp

(i.e. Jason)